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Hello Friends,

Our team consist of ordinary people, who have volunteered to share with you, the pertinent news-stories on Jharkhand and beyond. It’s a voluntary job, as we were not looking for personal glories, we only want to highlight the issues that catches our imaginations. Our efforts has paid off spectacularly, as our high readership growth in past couple of years shows, this is despite the facts that we were unable to update our as regularly as we like to.

But we now realize that with our ever-increasing readership with each passing day, comes the greater responsibility for us. As it has made us realize that we should seriously think about opening our doors to other ordinary people, especially those who are from Jharkhand to write regularly for our e-magazine. We shall provide a big platform for aspiring writers and bloggers to share your invaluable thoughts with our readers. We do not want to open our doors to professional writers, so it means that we are only seeking part-time writers and bloggers to write for our FOCUS e-Magazine.

So, do you want to write for us?

If your answer is yes, then we look forward to hearing from you.

How to apply?

If you are interested then you should e-mail us:

  • Your Brief Resume,
  • Your Social Media Profile (s) details,
  • Your Contact Details, &
  • Article (s) penned by you.

Mind you, we are not looking for professionally trained Journalists; we are looking for ordinary people like us.

We are simply looking for people who could write well on variety of given topics, preferably based in Jharkhand.

Please use our e-mail address, contact form and other web-tools to contact us with your bio-data (details about social profile will be just great) and copy of the article (s) written by you on any topic that you feel comfortable with. Or you can directly contact our Founder, Sri Sameer Bhagat on the social media of your choice.

Looking forward to hear from all the aspiring writers / bloggers / volunteers / others.

Thanks You & Warm Regards,

Sameer Bhagat, Founder


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