Sajid Ansari With His Invention

Recognized By President But Rendered Homeless In Jharkhand

When young school boy from Jharkhand, Sajid Ansari was recognized by President Pratibha Patil for being one of the grassroots innovators of our country, it was not only a proud movement for his family members but for the entire Jharkhand state. But, it appears that Jharkhand Government behemoth remains oblivious, or perhaps tad unconcerned.

In the month of March, the President inaugurated the “Exhibition of innovations”, organized by the National Innovation Foundation – India (NIF), and she presented the national awards to the grassroots innovators and outstanding traditional knowledge holders. The winners were selected by NIE from the rather long list of over 36000 submissions made in the 6th National Biennial Competition.

In the said competition, young school-going Jharkhandi student Sajid Ansari from Ranchi had submitted a rice grain sorting / cleaning machine designed by him. His mother used to spend long hours cleaning rice and her travails inspired him to design the desktop machine which could automatically clean rice. It is really creditable that Sajid was Class-VII student, when he designed it in December 2010. Later his innovative machine design was given Ignite Award by NIE.

Sajid Ansari With His Invention
Sajid Ansari With His Invention (Photo Courtsey-NIF)

While making the initial prototype of the machine, he had used 4 motors or 12 volts and when he connected it to electricity of 220 volts, the machine got burnt. Then he tried 8 motors, which also met the same fate. Also, he had initially used glass bottles to make the machine, but that too did not work out. So he decided against using glass-bottles. Finally after quite a bit of trial-and-error method, his experiments paid off as he decided to use transformer and metal for his machine. And he eventually got it right.

Talking to media, he said, “I am here because of my parent’s support. If I want to do anything they push me and stand by me 100%. They leave their work to help me with mine. As a young child I used to recite Urdu poetry and would give performances as well. My father has been supporting my talent since then and he takes me for each and every performance.”

In fact, he confided that now his entire school knows him, because he won Ignite Award. Like any other school-going kid, he feels proud of his achievement.

It does not come as a surprise that his role model is Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam and he aspires to become a scientist like him and wants to do something for his country. He said, “I want to find a solution to every problem. I want to make everything so simple so that no individual will face any problems”. Sajid’s favourite author is Maithli Sharan Gupt and enjoys all the stories and poems published in the text books. He enjoys playing football. He has read the holy Koran Sharif and also takes interest in reading about Islam. His favourite subjects are Science and Hindi. He stressed, “I am crazy about innovating and creating new things!”

But we all know that the flowers can only grow when it has environment, which is conducive to take care of its basic needs. Similarly, every talent needs to be properly nurtured and cared for so that the flowers can blossom as brightly as possible. Unfortunately, in Jharkhand, we have observed time and again that such talents are not given due recognition and support by those who wield governance powers.

In the anti-encroachment drive undertaken by Jharkhand Government in state capital Ranchi, young Sajid Ansari’s house too was demolished besides countless others in different cities of Jharkhand. He and his family were forced to shift another slum area, located about 20 km away. In the last one year or so after the anti-encroachment drive, the Rehabilitation and Resettlement packages promised by the Government to the displaced families have yet to reach them. The real irony is that Sajid Ansari’s case-file was represented to the Jharkhand’s Chief Secretary for a sympathetic consideration by them; however the Government has yet to act on the same.

For the sake of Sajid Ansari and other young children displaced like him for variety of reasons all across Jharkhand, we would like the Government to act on its R & R promises.

But is it too much to ask for in Jharkhand?

Team Focus

Team Focus

We are bunch of commoners and our bloggers' e-magazine focuses on the AlterNative Voices from Jharkhand, India.
Team Focus
Team Focus

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We are bunch of commoners and our bloggers' e-magazine focuses on the AlterNative Voices from Jharkhand, India.


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