Politicians & Bureaucrats: Responsible For The Sorry State Of Affairs In Jharkhand?

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On November 15th 2011, Jharkhand turned 11 years old, but except for the ruling elite, not many people in Jharkhand were incelebrating mood. The reasons for the same were obvious.After the creation of Jharkhand state, the majority of the commoners have become far worse off and at the same time the income of the ruling elite has grown manifold in last eleven years, since circa 2000.

Jharkhand State
Jharkhand State

In an interview to the local Newspaper Prabhat Khabar, the first Governor of Jharkhand, Prabhat Kumar said that the inexperienced Political Leadership and Bureaucracy are responsible for the sorry state of affairs in Jharkhand. It was the main reason why Jharkhand could not reach its potential. According to him the two thrust areas for the development should have been the Agriculture Sector and the Mining Sectors, to take development into the rural areas but that did not really happen.

Development Does Not Step Out of the Big Cities

Development of rural and semi-urban areas was supposed to panacea, a way to counter the Maoist forces in these areas of the state. But that did not happen. When rural and semi-urban areas are neglected by successive government in last 11 years, the consequences are devastating, the Maoism have taken deep roots in these areas and they are showing no signs of letting go of the areas conquered by them. The fact is that they are running a parallel government in Jharkhand and the dictate of the government is confined to handful of big cities of the state. In these Maoists’ turfs, even the Government machinery fears to tread, even with the backing of armed Government forces.

Political and Bureaucratic Classes lack sincerity and honesty

We believe that Jharkhand reels under the self-created problems because of two basic flaws among the overwhelming majority of the ruling elite:

  • Firstly, both Political and Bureaucratic Classes lack the sincerity and honesty to implement the various development and welfare programmes meant for the common people of the state. Most of them prefer to talk big, but do very little to ameliorate the crisis being faced by the common citizens across the state.

Well in last 11 years (comprising of more than 4000 days), our Jharkhand State Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) met even less than 365 days, or in other words less than 10% of the available days were utilized by our Political Class to discuss the burning issues confronting the Jharkhandis.

It is common knowledge that salaries of Members of Legislative Assembly (M.L.A.s) show unimaginable unity when it comes to salaries hikes,

These elected representatives should have used to take notice of the plethora of problems confronting the common citizens of Jharkhand and perhaps discuss the ways to solve these problems. Instead the successive governments wasted more than 90% of available days for Vidhan Sabha. Sadly, the shortening of the Vidhan Sabha Sessions highlights the fact that none of the government is serious about the common Jharkhandis. Except perhaps when these M.L.A.s (although with an exception) cutting across party-lines vociferously pass their another of their salary hikes and the additional benefits for themselves. So when Jharkhandi Politicians talk big about their plans, their proposals, their promises, et al for the common Jharkhandis. They all sound very hollow and fake.

  • Secondly, both Political and Bureaucratic Classes do not have the long-term vision and programmes for the state and its denizens,

According to another local Newspaper Dainik Bhaskar, the Education Qualifications of present lot of ministers are as under:




1 Arjun Munda Chief Minister Graduate
2 Hemant soren Deputy Chief Minister Intermediate
3 Sudesh Mahto Deputy Chief Minister Intermediate
4 Mathura Mahto Minister   Intermediate
5 Hazi Hussain Ansari Minister Intermediate
6 Satyanand Jha Batul Minister Intermediate
7 Champai Soren Minister Matric
8 Gopal Krishan Patar Minister Matric
9 Baidhram Ram Minister Graduate
10 Vimla Pradhan Minister Graduate
11 Hemlal Murmu Minister Graduate
12 Chandra Prakash Choudhary Minister Graduate

Although we would be foolhardy to question of the education qualifications of the Bureaucratic Class that incidentally joins the premium Administrative Services only after clearing one of the toughest competitive examinations. But when one looks at the record of Bureaucratic Class at the helm of affairs in Jharkhand, responsible for the sincere and timely implementation and delivery of various programmes funded and backed by the Government, especially its Development and Welfare schemes then one is bound to be disappointed. 

It appears that the delivery system led by the well-qualified bunch of people in the administrative side of Jharkhand has been unable to take off in the state. These bureaucratic behemoths have failed spectacularly in timely implementation and execution of various government programmes in last decade or so. No doubt, delivery-mechanism seems broken.

According to the Comptroller and Auditor General’s Report, to quote, “There were substantial surrenders (cases where more than 50% of the total provisions were surrendered) were made in respect of 100 sub-heads on account of either non-implementation or slow implementation of schemes. Out of the total provision of Rs 3,029.69 crore in respect of these schemes Rs 2,581.88 crore was surrendered which included 100% surrender in 48 schemes.”

But we believe that there is no direct correlation between education qualifications and the bad performance of ruling elite in last eleven years in Jharkhand. As collectively, both these, viz., Political and Bureaucratic Classes have enough intellect to implement the development and welfare programmes across the state.

But it does not happen. Why?

Well because the ruling elite not only lack experience but they also honest intent and the real desire to work for the common Jharkhandis. No doubt both Political Class and Bureaucratic Class of Jharkhand State should take the blame for the sorry state of affairs in Jharkhand.

And it would be in the interest of denizens of Jharkhand, if the ruling elite honestly introspect their work ethics and then do course-correction to lift Jharkhand and Jharkhandis from the depths of despair and hopelessness. The common Jharkhandis still wait eagerly to taste the dish called “good-governance”, to lift them up from these unfathomable depths.

Will the rulers oblige?

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Sameer Bhagat

Written by

Social-Activist. Author of SALVAGING ADIDWEEP.


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  1. Bengali Brahmin says:

    The benefits of a separate state has not accrued to Jharkhandi community as a whole.It has only benefited the ruling elite.Earlier Biharis constituted the majority of the ruling elite who never cared for the Chhotanagpur and Santhalparnaga regions.Now they have been replaced by our very own Jharkhandis but only at the legislative and executive branches of the government.A total transformation of the whole government machinery is still far away.

    There is still a majority of people from top to bottom level in state bureaucracy who do not posses Jharkhandi soul.These people have never felt the pain ,sufferings and displacements.This is the reason they would never sympathise with the problems of Jharkhandi community and keep on grazing this greenest pasture of India.Until and unless there is a complete transformation of the system with truly Jharkhandi souls,it will remain in this miserable condition .

    Its high time we realized that real change will take place only when people with true Jharkhandi souls will take leadership roles in all spheres of our Jharkhand state, not only in Legislative and Executive but also in Judiciary,Bureaucracy and most importantly in Media.Thanks a million times to ‘Focus’ for showing us the way.

  2. Dinah Carver says:

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