On Jharkhand Day: It’s Time To Introspect

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On 15th November, 2013 our home state Jharkhand celebrates its State Foundation Day; but it seems that in these last 13 years since Jharkhand’s inception in 2000, most of my fellow Jharkhandi people have lost more and gained little, barring off course those who exploited the loopholes in governance, to amass huge wealth not only for themselves but also for their future generations.

Recently, we have had an opportunity to interact with good number of people who had sacrificed a lot, to fight for the separate statehood of Jharkhand in the 1980s and 1990s. The common complaint among almost all of them was that our Jharkhand state is not able to live up to the expectation of the common people, for whom this state “Abua Dishum” was formed in 2000.

Even more disheartening is the fact that most of these front-line leaders of separate Jharkhand state movement have been sidelined by the corrupt and opportunistic political leaders, who have grabbed power but failed to fulfill the aspirations of local Jharkhandi population. It’s not surprising that 13 years have passed but Jharkhand State Government is yet to recognize the leaders, followers and other commoners who took part in separate state movement for Jharkhand.

# Jharkhand Day has lost its appeal among Common Citizens

It is apparent that the distance between the Jharkhand Government and Jharkhandi common citizens is widening, with each passing day. In fact, all the zeal and enthusiasm for the celebration of Jharkhand Day have died down among the common Jharkhandi people. Now, the celebration of Jharkhand Day has become confined to the mere official functions, with little or no participation by the common citizens. The wide-spread corruption in the government machinery has left many people disenchanted and disillusioned with the state of governance.

If one goes round in the state capital Ranchi and other major cities of Jharkhand every morning, then one can easily find hordes of daily-wage earning labourers lined up on the key intersections / chowks / chaurahas; these labourers usually come from nearby semi-urban and rural areas as they actively seek work in the city. These scenes highlight two significant lacuna in Jharkhand’s governance, in the last 13 years:

  • The development works have failed to reach the semi-urban and rural areas of state.
  • Even now the poor people of semi-urban and rural areas have to migrate, to earn their living and fill their empty stomach.

As the key statistical data compiled by UNDP indicate that the state is laggard in the field of human and poverty development indicators.




Demographic Indicators



Total Population (In Millions)



% contribution to national population



Human Development Indicators



Literacy Rate (%)



Male Literacy Rate (%)



Female Literacy Rate (%)



Human Development Indicators 2007-08 2007-08
Human Development Index Value (HDI)



HDI Rank (out of 23)


Poverty Development Indicators


Poverty Headcount Ratio (%)



Total number of poor (in millions)



Poverty Development Indicators



Global Hunger Index (GHI)



GHI Rank ( out of 17)




Prevalence of calorie undernourishment (%)



Prevalence of Underweight Children under 5 years of age (%)



Poverty Development Indicators



Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI)



Multidimensional Poverty Headcount (%)



Number of Multidimensional Poor (in millions)



Jharkhand still long way to go before it is able to pull up its large chunk of population away from the depth of poverty and deprivation.

# Sense of sincerity and honesty is missing among the Ruling Class

If one has to write the history of last 13 years of Jharkhand, then the common refrain among the Jharkhandi people is that corruption has spread like cancer in almost all the aspect of governance. Almost all the people (although there are quite a few exceptions) who got an opportunity to rule the state, they have ended up filling up their coffers. No doubt, the governance in our state hovers from bad to worse. And the saddest part is that not all but quite a good number of local Jharkhandi politicians, bureaucrats, and businesspersons are openly indulging in loot-raj, of the worst kind.

Time and again our ruling class has failed the Jharkhandi citizens and it has led to the devastating consequences.

With limited economic opportunities and job-creations in semi-urban and rural areas of the state, many youngsters are getting lured into violent extremist movements, including terrorism and Maoism. Though, Jharkhand does have a semblance of Jharkhand State Government, its influence does not go beyond the boundaries of its major urban centers.

# Can all round development ever take place in Jharkhand?

Yes, being an optimistic and I do believe that beyond the hullabaloo of politics of deceit, the politics of development has a place in Jharkhand. In the prevailing political environment, the common Jharkhandi people have to play a central role in ushering the positive change in politics. Maybe it’s time for Jharkhandi people again, to initiate the new-political movement by asking their political representatives for their report-cards and then by voting out the non-performers and the corrupt political leaders.Election in JHARKHAND stateThe upcoming elections present us, the common voters, a golden opportunity to infuse some fresh blood in the political arena, by electing fresh batch of the good people who are likely to make a difference. Or else, the era poor-governance shall continue and the real development may not take place in Jharkhand.

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Sameer Bhagat

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Social-Activist. Author of SALVAGING ADIDWEEP.


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