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Dear Friends,

We kick-off our FOCUS magazine’s inaugural issue in the month of September, 2011.

It is always said that we people have short-memories, more so when we read news-papers; each morning the headlines changes and we forget about the yesterday’s events, also the day, the week, the month, or the year gone by. We do not want our readers to get caught in the cycle of short-term memory; so every month we would try to bring to you the hand-picked news-articles on the events and people of the preceding month. We would focus on the news and views hidden behind the bold headlines and not so bold headlines of the state, nation and world. Thus we would try to let you know the happenings, not only in our state of Jharkhand-the state with tremendous potential; but also peek into outside world.

Jharkhand, India
Jharkhand, India

It would be great for us if you spare time to read our articles and comment on them, only then we would be know about your feelings; only then we could connect with you, our treasured reader. And that would be beginning of a beautiful relationship, a long-term commitment to keep you well-informed with the happenings in our state Jharkhand and the outside world.

Hopefully, our readers would choose to speak up, and not becoming a passive bystander or a mute spectator. Come on let us join hands, spread the good word about our work and grow together.



Team FOCUS Magazine.



Team Focus

Team Focus

We are bunch of commoners and our bloggers' e-magazine focuses on the AlterNative Voices from Jharkhand, India.
Team Focus
Team Focus

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We are bunch of commoners and our bloggers' e-magazine focuses on the AlterNative Voices from Jharkhand, India.


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  1. Bengali Brahmin says:

    I really feel proud of Sameer Bhagat and every other member of Team Focus.I would love to see ‘Focus’ expanding its horizon to other areas of print and electronic media in the coming years .I salute this courageous effort by Team Focus.Best Wishes to all of you 🙂

  2. Anurag Bhagat says:

    Great job…the site is look pretty neat and professional. Need to push it in the public domain now.

    Congrats and all the best 🙂

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