Road Network In Jharkhand

Jharkhand Government Is Not Doing Well On Many Fronts

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Union Government’s scheme, Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNURM) was launched in December 2007 and its first plase comes to end on March 2012. In Jharkhand, major cities like Dhanbad, Jamshedpur and Ranchi were covered under the JNURM scheme. Under the scheme, it was planned to give allotment of Rs. 1700 crore to Jharkhand, out of which Central Government’s share was to be Rs. 1100 crore while Jharkhand Government and Muncipalities of these 3 cities was to contribute Rs. 550 crore.

# Unsatisfactory Performance In JNURM Scheme

But so far, Jharkhand has received only Rs. 303.66 crore, as Jharkhand Government failed to submit its proposals intime and unable to give fund-utilization-certificate to the Union Government Department.

Comparative Performance of Jharkhand vis-à-vis other leading states:

(Rs. In crore)


No. Of Approved Plans

Funds Released







West Bengal






Jharkhand’s performance in JNURM Scheme:

(Rs. In crore)

Name of Plan

Approved Fund

Released Fund

State’s Share






















According to Jharkhand High Court’s observations:

  • State has only spent 12% of the budget in BSUP.
  • State has only spent 15% of the budget in water supply.
  • State has failed to spend any amount on development of sewerage and drainage system.
  • State has not made any significant progress in JNURM scheme, specifically in the case of Ranchi and Dhanbad, this scheme expires on March 2012.

No doubt, the cities across Jharkhand in such a pitiable conditions.

# Education Department Is Plagued By Corruption

Corruption is offered as one of the primary explanation for the far-too many posts vacant in the educational institutions across Jharkhand.


Approved Posts

Posts Filled

Vacant posts

Primary/Middle/Senior Secondary Schools

1.60 lakh

1.26 lakh






With so many vacant spots, one could easily assess the quality of education being offered to the youngsters, which certainly is not a very encouraging signs in the age of cut-throat competitions. At the end of the day it means that many of youngsters being educated in these Government run institutions have less chance of getting a job, when they apply for jobs.

# Road Department Fails To Improve Road Connectivity

Minister is undertaking whirlwind road trip across the Jharkhand state, which is really praiseworthy but even his road trips cannot improve state’s roads conditions.

Road Network In Jharkhand
Road Network In Jharkhand

Why do we say so? Well look at the few Jharkhand’s road facts:

  • Only 40% of Jharkhand village is connected with any kind of road.
  • National and State Highways are in bad condition. Jharkhand High Courts and numbers of visiting dignitaries have made enough comments on their pot-holes on highway connecting Ranchi and Jamshedpur; without much improvement. One can imagine the condition of other highways.

The Chief Minister’s road trips would serve a purpose, only if could make a real difference in quantity and quality of roads across Jharkhand.

# Illegal Occupation Of Public Sector Units’ (PSUs) Properties

Let us first give you brief background by taking one of the PSU case.

  • Heavy Engineering Corporation (HEC) acquired the big chunk of land through the Government in 1958, but only about 4000 acres were used in the plant and building. At that time the displaced people of the hundreds of villages stayed back and occupied the unused (vacant) land as HEC had not required it after the plant came up. As of now HEC has more than 1.70 lakh residents living on HEC properties illegally.

Few months ago, on the proposal of the Greater Ranchi Development Authority (GRDA), Jharkhand High Court had ordered HEC to evict the alleged encroachers and asked that the emptied land be handed over to the government for the expansion of the state capital. This has led to wide-spread demonstrations by the illegal occupants against the court’s eviction orders in HEC.

Medha Patkar said, “90% of the people living on the land were also of tribal origin and that too was wrong and against the constitutional intent of the CNT and SPT Acts. The rights of the people of Dhurwa lie in possession not ownership. They have been in possession of the land here for more than 50 years.”

Other PSUs in Jharkhand have similar history and face similar present problems.

According to Jharkhand High Court’s observations:

The Public Sector Units based in Jharkhand, viz., Central Coal Fields Limited (CCL), Heavy Engineering Corporation (HEC), Bokaro steel Limited (BSL) and Bharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL), have together spent about Rs. 142 crores on the illegal occupants of their residential accommodations, land and the plots.  The details of the same are as under:

Residents Occupied

Plots / Areas Occupied

Money Spent



6960 Plots

Rs 32.14 crore (in last 10 years)



472.12 Acres of land

Rs. 7.18 lakh (in last 10 years)



2086.39 Acres of land

Rs. 3.37 lakh (in last 4 months)



31223 Plots

Rs. 109 crore (in last 10 years)


There are two broad categories of illegal occupants in the cases involving the above mentioned PSUs:

  • In the first category, come people whose (and their families) lands were taken by PSUs to set up these mammoth PSUs properties.
  • In the second category, come people who have simply used their power (political, financial, muscle, etc.) to forcibly occupy the PSUs assets.

We think the Jharkhand Government would do well to clearly distinguish between the two kinds of illegal occupants, before it starts its eviction drive in these PSUs. Or else, this one smaller problem would turn into a bigger and unmanageable crisis, like so many earlier ones of the past.

But the bigger question is whether Jharkhand Government would do the right thing.

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