How The Idea Of Tribal Stuff Was Germinated?

Couple of years ago, we were traveling in the tribal areas of Jharkhand, when we came across the beautiful tribal art murals, painted on many houses in those tribal villages. We decided to inquire about the art work from the simpleton but highly talented artists and we discovered the lesser known world of tribal-art. These art forms are rooted in tribal traditions and they have survived for thousand of years. As these art-forms were passed from one generation to another.


We decided to explore further and came across the fact that Tribal art forms is not limited to particular corner of India. It is spread across the length and breadth of our country, quietly preserved by different tribal communities, to name a few, they are Warli tribe, Gond tribe, Saura tribe, Bhil tribe, et al. Interestingly, all these tribal community have used murals or wall paintings to depict their art-works, which are deeply steeped into their religious and social beliefs.


We were awestruck by the simplicity but amazing beauty of traditional folk arts. Our love affair with tribal art had started.


When we started interacting with the Tribal Artists, we also came across people (especially architects and interior designers) who were using Tribal art forms to add unique ethnic touch to their works.They are giving modernist touch to tribal art forms besides propagating the beauty of tribal art among the urban dwellers.


It is hard to believe that the idea of Tribal Stuff were germinated with our visit to the tribal villages and meeting tribal artists, but that is where our journey started. Since then, we have really traveled across the entire technological spectrum, from remote village to setting up an online art-gallery to sell beautiful work-of-art done by Tribal Artists and Tribal Artisans.


We take pride in the fact that we sell only the authentic stuff made by tribals, as life is all about getting an elusive opportunity (s).


Ours is a small step in a right direction; hopefully in the years to come as we expand our product portfolio, we would be able to successfully preserve, promote, market and sell the tribal stuff to our patrons. Come be a part of our journey, let us join our hand to make a difference in the lives of  so many talented people. Please do visit the website Tribal Stuff and share your thoughts with us.

Let’s make a difference.

(Please note that the pictures have been used only for illustrative purposes, same have been collected from net and we do not own their copyright.)

Sameer Bhagat
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Sameer Bhagat

Author, Salvaging Adidweep.
Sameer Bhagat
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Sameer Bhagat

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Author, Salvaging Adidweep.


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