Human Trafficking And Modern Day Slavery In Our India

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When I opened today’s newspaper in the morning, this news-story in screamed for my attention. And I could not ignore it and look away.

Delhi dentist bites, beats, burns minor maid; is arrested

Reading beyond the headline, I came across these lines detailing the horrific nature of the crime unleashed on the young teenage girl by the so-called educated Doctor; let me share these excerpts.

A 14-year-old girl employed as a domestic worker has been rescued with injuries allegedly inflicted by her employer, a dentist, who lives in Model Town’s Kalyan Vihar in north-west Delhi. A tribal from Jharkhand, the child was allegedly bitten, beaten and burnt in the past four months after she was placed there by an agency, according to Delhi Commission for Women (DCW).

Swati Jaihind, commission chief, shared details of the case on Twitter. “We rescued the 14-year-old Jharkhandi domestic maid from Model Town. Can’t describe her condition! She was burnt, beaten, attacked with scissor, spat at and bitten by lady employer who is a doctor! Most evil!”

She went on to tweet that the “Little girl was so brave. Her lady employer so vicious.” In another tweet, she said: “A doctor herself, how could she torture a 14-year-old in such a brutal manner. Little girl was confined to house, not given sweater, food and has been reduced to bones. Police arrested lady employer! Should be given maximum punishment!”

She had deep marks, cuts and bruises all over her body. She said she was burnt by her employer with an iron and hot water was regularly thrown at her. Several burn marks were visible on her body.

After two days, she would be given only two slices of stale bread to eat. The girl was severely malnourished. The lady employer also did not allow the girl to wear sweaters or use blankets at night.

News Source: Times of India

The details of young 14 year girl is indeed heartbreaking. For the past few years, I have been writing about these growing incidents of “Human-Trafficking” in my state of Jharkhand; but so far the Governments have not been able to stop this inhuman practice.

Infact, to highlight this grave problem, I have even written about it in my debut novel, Salvaging Adidweep, let me share few lines from the same. I sincerely hope and pray that this alarming problem gets immediate attention both from our Governments and the fellow Citizens.

“After the advent of the modern era, this archaic slavery practice underwent a cosmetic surgery. It changed its appearance and now is known by the polished name, human trafficking. It continues to operate below the surface and it flies under the radar. It is completely undetected in the increasingly indifferent India that refuses to even acknowledge its presence in its midst. With the passage of time, not only did this business has grown manifold, but it is also unable to keep up with the unmet demands, these dalaals branched off and added gharelu naukar/naukarani to their menu of human-services on sale.” 

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Sameer Bhagat

Written by

Social-Activist. Author of SALVAGING ADIDWEEP.


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