Tell Me Where Development Has Taken Place In Jharkhand, Health, Education, Roads, Etc.

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On November 15th 2011, Jharkhand turned 11 years old, but except for the ruling elite, not many people in Jharkhand were in celebrating mood. The reasons for the same were obvious. After the creation of Jharkhand state, the majority of the commoners have become far worse off and at the same time the income of the ruling elite has grown manifold.

Jharkhand State
Jharkhand State

Reflecting on decade long time gone by, a senior BJP leader and Deputy Speaker in Lok Sabha, Karia Munda asked the reporter of a local Daily Prabahat Khabar, “Tell me where development has taken place in Jharkhand……Health, Education, Roads,……etc…….”

Being an honest political leader, Karia Munda; we could understand the pain of a senior Jharkhandi Leader, whose own Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) party is leading the coalition government in the state. When Jharkhand was carved out in 2000, we had expected Karia Munda to become the Chief Minister (C.M.), being the senior most BJP leader of the state.

But it was not to be.

We still wonder what if Karia Munda was given the responsibility of C.M., where Jharkhand would have been by now.

Pathetic Condition of Health Facilities in Jharkhand

Even a decade long in existence, Jharkhand’s common citizens continue to miss the even the most basis of health services. The Doctors and Nurses are conspicuous by their shortage, not only in the primary health centres located across the state but also in the big government hospitals of the cities. According to the rough estimate, Jharkhand has shortage of about 7000 doctors. Given such a scenario, no doubt common Jharkhadis continue to suffer, whenever any serious illness hit them.

Poor Quality Government Schools and Severe Shortage of Engineering / Medical Colleges in Jharkhand

In the 21st Century, the age of Information Technology, the young children attending these Government Schools are fighting a losing battle. As most of these government schools do not have the teaching staff, also many of these lack even a proper building or in many such schools in rural areas-these are either occupied by Government Security Forces or completely blown away by the Maoist Forces as their rubbles stand bearing testimony to that; no doubt the students’ dropout rate is hovering around 40 percent. Despite the high-decibel propaganda of Sarva-Shiksha Abhiyan (Education for All Programme), it remains a mere slogan, completely different from the harsh reality.

Now let us look at the condition of Engineering / Medical Colleges in Jharkhand, vis-à-vis their position in other states.


Engineering Colleges

Medical Colleges

1 Jharkhand



2 Maharashtra



3 Karnataka



4 Tamilnadu



5 Andhra Pradesh



(Source: AITCE & MCI)

No wonder, every year lakh plus students from Jharkhand migrate to other states to pursue higher education.

It not only means brain-drain but also the loss of precious exchequers adversely affecting the state’s economy, a case of opportunity lost.

Even Basic Infrastructure are missing in major part of Jharkhand

According to the Government Records

  • Only 14,667 out of a total 32,620 villages were electrified, or in other words it covers less than 50% of total villages of Jharkhand.
  • Only 8,484 villages connected with roads, or in other words it connects only about 25% of total villages of Jharkhand. Besides, in Jharkhand the State Highways and National Highways are not really in top conditions, full of pot-holes and shoddy cover-ups.
  • Despite our state is reeling under severe power shortage, the construction of new power plants since 2000 has not taken off, with not a single state-run power plant has come up. Consequently, the state is now fully dependent on the supply of power from the Central pool comprising Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) and National Thermal Corporation (NTPC). At the same time we continue to supply coal to power plants across India, ironical.
  • Irrigation facilities reaches less than 10% of the net sown area of 18.04 lakh hectare out of total 38 lakh hectare cultivable land.

Commenting on the rural development initiatives undertaken by the Jharkhand Government, Wilfred Lakra, a former advisor to the governor during the last President’s rule, said, “It is because of the lack of the willpower and interest of the policy makers that all the programmes taken up in the name of the poor and needy hardly reaches the end users. ……Watershed management, minor irrigation and market support to agriculture can transform the state by engaging youths.”

Employment Generation marred by Short-sightedness and Corruption

In the various Jharkhand Government Departments there is urgent need for the speedy recruitment to fill up the number of vacancies lying vacant.



1 Administrative Shortage of officers and clerical staffs in State Headquarter (HQ), District, Block levels, etc.
2 Police and other Security Forces Insufficient Police Personnel at both Official and the Sipahi ranks
3 Education Sector Need teachers and professors at both schools and colleges respectively.
4 Health Sector Require Doctors and Nurses.
5 Other Departments Far too many posts are lying vacant for want of honest and speedy recruitment policies.

So far we have only talked about the available Government’s jobs in Jharkhand, both to be filled by the State as well as at Central authorities.

Jharkhand was forefront in signing lots of plethora of Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) with scores of Industrialists but they remain confined only in the paper, with no progress made in the actual ground. According to Jharkhand Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FJCCI) President Sajjan Saraf, trade has prospered while industry has suffered badly in Jharkhand. “Population of Jharkhand, especially in cities like Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Bokaro and Dhanbad, has increased manifold since the inception of the state, as a result of which consumer base has also increased,” he said. When consumers increase, trade is bound to flourish but in terms of industries, the state has failed miserably. He further added, “Setting aside the examples of Iron Ore Industry and Real Estate Business, most other industries have suffered because of lack of proper transport and prevalent law and order conditions.”

Summing up the non-starter in the development-story of Jharkhand, CPI (ML) MLA Binod Singh said, “This is because the state does not have a road map to development, no matter which party is in power, had there been a road map it would take its own course.”

But in Jharkhand that did not happen, the frustration of senior and respectable leaders like Karia Munda is understandable.

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