Jharkhand State

Desperately Seeking The Good Governance In Jharkhand

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It is true that the Jharkhand movement initially started off as the collective search for a separate tribal homeland but with passage of time, the popular separatist movement managed to broad-base its support base encompassing almost all the communities. As the majority of the Jharkhandi denizens rightly shared a perception that the concept of ‘Good Governance’ has never set its righteous foot on our part of the world, spanning the lengthy period of almost 50 plus years, since India’s independence. Sadly, our wait for a stint of good governance has been further extended for a period of 11 more years by the different hues of government regimes dominated by the gang of unprincipled leaders and their followers.

Jharkhand State
Jharkhand State

In the last 11 plus years, the bunch of corrupt, unprincipled, greedy and vision-less leaders have simply dumped the basic tenet of “Raj-Dharma” or “Good-Governance” for their own stint of “Loot-Raaj”. Barring few exceptions off-course, almost everyone at the position of responsibility freely participated in the so-called pillaging of hard-earned tax-payers’ money. The abuses of government’s systems and its institutions have led to the emergence of a strong nexus among the immoral politicians-bureaucrats-criminals-businessmen-and-one can go on adding new classes.

For more than 50 years, India has been waging a relentless war on starvation, poverty, draught, famine, internal strife, etc. and  manage to win many-such-battles, though not all. Since 2000, Jharkhand too has gone into this war but with corrupt leaders at the helm of affairs, we Jharkhandis are fighting a losing battle. As the 11 plus years of misrule has certainly pushed our state towards the bottom of table in most of the developmental criterion. With people who are supposed to efficiently and effectively run our government machinery were indulging in unashamed manner in corrupt practices, often raking in a mullah beyond their wildest dreams, We have never seen such naked flaunting of ill-gotten wealth by corrupt people belonging to all the hierarchical layers.

In this era of competitive economies, most of the state governments of India are increasingly adopting greater transparency and minimizing level of corruptions at their ends; to woo the prospective investors to participate in the economic development of their respective states. With many Indian states putting their best foot forward to attract investments (helps with generating employment, per capita income, GDP, etc.) and recession’s scenario looming in not so distant background, it is imperative that we too become more competitive in terms of good governance to attract greater share of investments in almost all the sectors of our state’s economy.

Nevertheless it would be wrong on our part to heap all the blame on the immoral political leadership.  Despite the largely free and fair democratic elections, we have habitually failed in our duties to elect honest and hard-working leaders.  So major part of the blame lies with almost all of us, in fact we as a voter committed gross mistakes in electing our local representatives based perhaps on our own narrow criterion of religion, caste, tribe, party ideology, or own self-interest. As a result the majority of our population has no say or lacks any control or say in the functioning of the state government machinery.

We, the largely honest public have been kept out of power sharing and the decision-making. For instance, keep a close watch on upcoming Rajya Sabha elections to learn more about what ails our democratically elected representatives’ systems. If the past mistakes are repeated, then be prepared to see another year of bad-governance. As they say, “History tends to repeat itself.”

Interestingly many politicians proudly proclaim that honest people have no role to play in today’s political slug-fest. What a climb down from the era of high moralistic leaders of yore to the present mob of immoral leaders. Now, we stand amidst the ruins of our dreams, often wondering aloud where we went wrong as a state. The concept of bribe became the part of fashionable lexicon, with bribe seeping into nearly all the walks of life. From the sidelines we may find it difficult to judge, who is to be blamed for the present mess, the bribe giver or the bribe taker. But majority of us with limited supply of money and even less power tend to agree at least on one issue that the present state of misrule can not go on like this. We must act collectively to stop our state into plunging any further deep into the anarchy.

Many naysayers would scoff at mere idea of rooting out of corrupt practices from the public life in Jharkhand. We too know that it would be foolhardy to believe that corruption can be completely eradicated; as they have afflicted almost all the spheres of our life. For this to happen we need to take-up a state level awareness campaign as well as an interventionist role to articulate the issues related to development and at the same time, suggesting the corrective measures for a just and democratic governance. By empowering the common people with the objective information, knowledge, and analytical tools, we can hope to control the monster of corruption to a tolerable level.

Perhaps, only then we can usher in an age of “Good Governance” in Jharkhand.

As, Good Governance would go a long way to provide relief to common people and to stop the Maoists’ rampaging force in state.

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Sameer Bhagat

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Social-Activist. Author of SALVAGING ADIDWEEP.


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