Couple of The Positive And The Inspiring Jungle Stories From Jharkhand

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This year in 2018, my one of the New Year resolutions is to be completely positive; whatever the situations that I find myself in.

Never ever allow negativity to pull me down.

In the past, I have done so and I sincerely regret that.

2017, the past year gone that has gone by was indeed a negative year by all the recent standards. World over the two divergent ideological ideas clashed with each other. One wants the love and peace to reign supreme. While the other wants hate and conflicts to take over. And the struggle continues. And it may continue in near future too.

My one of the wishes for this year and for the coming years is simply to see kindness, compassion, tolerance, humanity, et al to take control of the world around us. But then that is an ideal scenario. My dream for the world. It may not happen, unless all of us make the concerted efforts to create a better place for each one of us in our world.

Anyways, always be positive, that’s my resolution.

So this year, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Let me welcome New Year by sharing couple of the positive news that happened in my home state in India in the recent times.

I mostly stay in Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand.

Not very far from my home, in Hesatu Village of Ormanjhi Block, in Ranchi; one day, the 93 households’ residents of the decided that they needed to do something positive about the 365 acres of the wasteland in their village. But this village of 800 people did not know what to do with that fallow land. So, they held a Gram Sabha meeting. And finally after lengthy discussions, they came up with an interesting idea. They agreed to the proposal of developing a community forest in the badlands. This meeting took place almost seven years ago. The villagers agreed that a forest would not only be environment friendly but it will also be a unique source of the income for all of them. And in a span of few years they did just that. Recalling those days, the villager Jugnu Oraon informed a journalist, “In 200 acres of wasteland, we have already planted the lac on Kusum and Ber trees.” At present the lush green forest stand on the 365 acres of the village wasteland. It bears testimony of the hard work put in by each one of them.

Villager Agni Devi at Hesatu forest. (Photo Courtesy: Chhandosree | Village Square)

And that is an excellent example of community development.

Now, if we move out of Ranchi, towards Jamshedpur, and travel into the East Singhbhum District; then we will hear the story of Jamuna Tudu.

In not so distant past, the greedy poachers and the timber-smugglers had taken over the 50 hectares of the jungles in the areas surrounding her village. But young Jamuna Tudu was not going to lose the precious forest cover near her home. In 1998, with only 5 like-minded women, she formed “Van Suraksha Samiti” despite facing the strong oppositions from some of her fellow villagers. And this band of women, together they fought back. Carrying only their traditional bows, arrows, sticks and the accompanying local dogs, Jamuna Tudu and her Samiti has showed exemplary courage to challenge the forest-mafia and save the vanishing forest cover in the Muturkham.

Her journey had been rough; as she has received many death threats over the years. In fact, she was attacked many times and she even survived a murder attempt by the thugs. Now things have settled down. Over time, her efforts have paid rich dividends; she has over 300 such Van Suraksha Samiti, with each having 30 members; each of them saving precious forest with their infectious bravery.

These are the couple of positive and the inspiring stories of our times.

They made me happy in this New Year.

I hope that they do the same for you; wishing all my readers the “Happy New Year 2018” and stay positive.

I read these News Stories in: (1) (2)

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Author, Salvaging Adidweep.


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