Madhu Koda, former C.M. of Jharkhand

Corruption Update For The Month Of February 2012: Politicians

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According to the Income Tax Department, former Chief Minister of Jharkhand Madhu Koda has undeclared property worth Rs. 3300 crore and the applicable tax on the same is Rs 1200 crore.

# Madhu Koda Case

The details about other monetary transactions undertaken by Madhu Koda are as under:

  • In the last Lok Sabha Elections, he spent Rs. 7, 16, 56, 259/- (Rs. Seven Crore Sixteen Lakh Fifty Six Thousand Two hundred and Fifty Nine Only), it is way beyond the prescribed ceiling.
  • He received Rs. 11.40 crore from IVRCL Company.
  • He also invested in various other companies like Ramji Tower, Quantum Point, Indo Asahi Glass, Shivansh Steel, Emmar Employees, etc.

It is also alleged that Madhu Koda made huge investments in Dubai, the details are as under:


Proposed Investment

Actual Investment

Jumaira Village

Rs. 425.92 crore

Rs. 102.56 crore

Down Town

Rs. 460.40 crore

Rs. 263.14 crore


Rs. 13.92 crore

Rs. 13.92 crore

Deposits Made

Bala Ji Bullion Bazaar

 Rs. 672 crore

Bala Ji Bullion Corporation

 Rs. 215 crore

Silver Coins accounts

Rs. 60.04 crore

(Data Source: Prabhat Khabar)

It should be noted here that on behalf of Koda, the person, Sanjay Choudhary, who allegedly made all the above-mentioned investments in Dubai and in other overseas destinations is still evading the arrest by the Indian Authorities. He is still safely ensconced in his Dubai residence, perhaps enjoying the fruits of the huge investments. But he is not alone in evading arrest, 6 other accused, Rohitas Krishnan, Shaubhik Chattopadhyay, Ajay Amolchand Bafna, Anil Adinath Wastavade, Sunil Kumar Sinha, and Manoj Kumar Sinha, too have remained untraceable by the investigative-agencies.

Madhu Koda, former C.M. of Jharkhand
Madhu Koda, former C.M. of Jharkhand

How did Madhu Koda make so much money?

Well, according to the on-going investigation reports,

  • When Koda was Mining Minister, he used to charge commissions of Rs. 2 lakh per hectare or Rs. 10 per tonne for recommending the mining leases.
  • When Koda was Energy Minister, he used to charge commission of 2.5% of the project cost.
  • When Koda became Road Construction Minister, he used to charge commission of 3%.
  • Koda used his position to grant NOC in pollution cases involving big Industrial Houses.
  • Koda received money in lieu of awarding contract in Rajiv Gandhi Gram Vidhyutikaran Yojana (Rural Electrification Programme).

It is further alleged that Vinod Sinha and Sanjay Choudhary used to collect the “commissions” on behalf of Minister Koda; in addition they used to invest these heavy commission amount with the help of Hawala Trader like Manoj Punami, Businessmen like Arvind Vyas, Vijay Joshi, Anil Wastavade, Vikas Sinha, etc.

It would have been a great relief for Jharkhand and its common people, if the Koda was first to introduce the “commission-culture” in State Government department and after his removal, this practice of “commission-culture” has completely vanished from the various departments (not only in the above mentioned 3 departments) of Jharkhand State Government.

Is it really so?

No, most of Jharkhandis do not think so. Koda is jailed but many other corrupt people remain out of reach of laws of our land.

# Enos Ekka Case

CBI filed the charge sheet against former minister and MLA Enos Ekka and his family members, detailing their illegal properties worth Crores of Rupees, located in Jharkhand, West Bengal and even in NCR Delhi. It may be noted that Enos Ekka remained minister only for 4 years period, when Madhu Koda was Chief Minister.



Estimated Monetary Value (Rs.)


House in Gurgaon, NCR

58 lakh plus


Under Construction Home in Simdega

17 lakh plus


Land in Simdega

10 lakh plus


House in Simdega (Thakur Toli)

20 lakh plus


Flat at Shree Ram Regency, Circular Road, Ranchi (Roshan Minj)

13 lakh plus


Flat at Hari Om Tower, Ranchi (Giddiyon Ekka)

9 lakh plus


Land in Ormanjhi, Ranchi

2 crore 11 lakh


Daily & Poultry Farm at Irba in Ranchi

1 crore 21 lakh


House in Ranchi in wife Menon Ekka’s name (near Airport)

1 crore 80 lakh


Tea-estate in Jalpaiguri

55 lakh plus


Tea-estate in Jalpaiguri

65 lakh plus


Tea-estate in Jalpaiguri

55 lakh plus


Fixed Deposit in Bank of India (High Court Branch)

10 lakh


Endeavour SUV

17 lakh plus


Safari SUV

10 lakh plus


Toyota Vehicle

21 lakh plus


4 Pick-up Vehicles

35 lakh plus

It has often been said that there are many more Enos Ekaas in Jharkhand, waiting to be caught. 

The recent asset and liability statements submitted by the ministers and elected representatives (MLAs) to the Jharkhand Vidhan Sabha speaker do tell us that corruption-malaise is much deeper.

# Cash-For-Vote Scam

Jharkhand Vigilance Bureau is investigating the “cash-for-vote” scam based on the sting operation carried out by a Delhi based Television News-Channel in July 2010.

The sting operation carried out by the TV Channel’s news clipping showed that some of the MLAs, including late Teklal Mahto (JMM), Simon Marandi (JMM), Yogendra Sao (Congress), Rakesh Ranjan (Congress), Sawana Lakra (Congress) and Uma Shankar Akela (BJP), asked for money in lieu of their votes in the favour of the concerned candidates (pointed out by the paying-party) in the Rajya Sabha election.

At that time, the Election Commission of India had taken up the matter with the state government and asked them to lodge a FIR against the concerned M.L.A.s. Consequently the case was handed over to the State Vigilance Department to investigate the matter. More than 17 months have passed, but it seems the investigation has not reached anywhere close to its conclusion.

According to the M.V. Rao, IG, Vigilance, “The delay in investigation of the said case is due to the fact that the TV News Channel did not really cooperate and shared the information with us.”

The point that was left unsaid and same has been pointed out by some sections of the local media is that Vigilance Bureau’s summons to the accused M.L.A.s for investigation has gone unanswered.

If we rewind to July 2010, then we would find that in the local-media the issue of “cash-for-vote” scam in the Rajya Sabha election was the most talked about thing. And according to local news-reporting of that time and grapevine, the above named accused M.L.A.s were not the only one who asked for cash-for-their-vote.

We reserve our comments on the issue of corruption in the case of elected representatives.

As we all know that there are far greater numbers of corrupt people enjoying their freedom outside of the jail than those who are jailed.   

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Team Focus

We are bunch of commoners and our bloggers' e-magazine focuses on the AlterNative Voices from Jharkhand, India.
Team Focus
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We are bunch of commoners and our bloggers' e-magazine focuses on the AlterNative Voices from Jharkhand, India.


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