Dear Readers,

We are bunch of commoners from Jharkhand, who got together to bring to you, the FIRST & ONLY e-magazine, the “FOCUS” magazine. We are trying to provide an AlterNative voice in the crowded media space.

We have kept part of time away from our regular schedule to bring to you our on-line-magazine, which we dedicate to all right-thinking Jharkhandis.


Because we love our state Jharkhand.

Besides, two other things motivated us to launch this magazine.

  • First, we people of Jharkhand have shown time and again that we have unparalleled potential to excel in our respective fields.  Let us always remember that and celebrate it.
  • Second, we sincerely believe that Jharkhand state has all the resources to become one of the leading state of India, in a decades’ time or even earlier.  Only if we can get our act together.

But, to make that happen we need to rise above our indifferent attitude, get involved and FOCUS.

The sooner that happens, the better it will be for all of us, the common people of Jharkhand.

In case some you would like to go a step further and write to us, then please feel free to contact us. We will surely reply back.

Meanwhile do enjoy reading the articles and share them with the world.

Hey, before we forget, spread the word and help us grow.

We thank you for giving us your precious time and support.

Warm regards,

 Sameer Bhagat, Founder

And FOCUS magazine Team-members

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