5 Reasons Why Majority Of Bureaucrats Fail To Deliver In Jharkhand?

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When Jharkhand was created in 2000, the elaborate bureaucratic machinery of unified Bihar state was bifurcated into two; while one part choose to stay back in Bihar, the other opted to come and work in Jharkhand. Besides those bureaucrats who traced their roots to Jharkhand, many non-Jharkhandis too choose to work in Jharkhand.

In the events leading up to creation of Jharkhand, the incumbent Chief Minister (C.M.) Lalu Yadav had famously proclaimed, “Jharkhand would be created only over my dead body.” But the creation of Jharkhand state did happen and it made C.M. very angry. If the political anecdote are to be believed, than according to the rumours the highly annoyed C.M. used the situation to get rid of the corrupt and inefficient lot of the Bureaucracy of then unified Bihar state, by pushing them into Jharkhand.

We can neither confirm nor deny the popular anecdote as the figment of imagination.

The prevailing working environment (political and social) in our state is not very encouraging for hardworking and honest bureaucrats, no doubt we have seen many of these sincere officers belonging to Jharkhand’s Bureaucrats Fraternity prefer to go on central deputations, far away from Jharkhand and most often they choose to stay away from the state even after their central deputation’s period ends.  It is certainly one of the reasons, why Jharkhand faces acute shortage of Bureaucrats and consequently the delivery mechanism in the state has failed miserably.

In the following paragraphs, we are going to talk about the overwhelming majority of the Bureaucratic class of people, who are based in Jharkhand and we divide them in terms of 80:20 people (Pareto’s Rule).

1. Maybe Jharkhand is still being treated as a great illegal money-making destination, wherein its Bureaucratic Machinery (from top to bottom) blatantly or not-so-blatantly indulge in loot the funds meant for development and welfare of common people?

Just like the Jharkhandi politicians, the bureaucrats from our state do not have one of the most important elements of their profession in their arsenal, it is called “Seva Bhav” (loosely translated it means ‘Willingness To Serve’). Instead both these classes, Jharkhandi Politicians and Bureaucrats have dominant traits of “Meva-Khao” (loosely translated it means ‘misuse power and position to eat its sweetened perks).

It is a popular Hindi saying that one dirty fish is enough to pollute the entire pond. Now imagine the scenario when there are quite a good number of dirty fishes being dropped into the pond. Similar thing happened in Jharkhand, now we have this shameless corrupt loot-raj.

2. Maybe Jharkhand State was given a very weak foundation by its Bureaucratic Machinery.

To explain the devastating corruption in Jharkhand, the political-instability is quoted as the most oft-repeated reason for the same. But we believe the political-instability was used as a convenient excuse and even as a shield to indulge in loot-raj. Now the corruption-disease has spread deep and wide among the elaborate bureaucratic machinery of Jharkhand.

Not so long ago, Japan’s political scenario too was interspersed with political-instability of worst kind, but even during those trying times, unlike Jharkhand’s bureaucratic machinery, its counterpart in Japan did not indulge in wide-spread loot-raj.

In our Government or Administrative Structure, the Bureaucratic Machinery is entrusted the task of implementing and delivering on the various development and welfare programmes. But in Jharkhand, the scams and sorry state of affairs in the field of Basic Infrastructure, Health, Education, Employment, et al speak for themselves and do not need much description by us.

3. Maybe the wrong precedents, traditions, standards, examples, et al were established by its Bureaucratic Machinery.

According to the unconfirmed reports, there is unofficial rate-card (variously defined as ‘cut’, ‘percentage’, ‘share’, etc.) for almost everything that touches our lives and involves the employees from the concerned Government department. Sharing few examples, where one has to pay bribe for getting the jobs done,

  • Registration of Birth and getting the requisite Birth Certificate
  • Issue of Below Poverty Line (B.P.L.) Cards for poor sections of society
  • Issue of Ration Cards for economically weaker sections of society
  • Construction of Indira Awaas (Houses) for B.P.L. families
  • Bungling in the Mid-Day Meal Scheme for School Children
  • To get the electricity connection for homes, business, etc.
  • Then there is ‘percentage’ in almost every Construction Works (Roads, Bridges, buildings, etc.), almost every Purchases made.
  • Registration of Death and getting the requisite Death Certificate.

It has been said that the corruption has dug in its heels deep in Jharkhand; the corruption starts at cradle and follows right till the grave.

But why, this has been happening in Jharkhand in last 11 years?

4. Maybe the majority of common people have acknowledged the corruption as a way of their lives, which cannot be wished away.

Almost each and every Government Department is plagued with rampant corruption and no Government Department in Jharkhand could claim otherwise. It is an open challenge by the common people who have bore the brunt of all-pervading corruption.

It seems majority segment of our Jharkhandi society has grudgingly acknowledged the “corruption as a way of their lives, which cannot be wished away.” They have learned to live with it and accepted with all the meekness. According to them, at least ‘buying a favour’ actually gets their jobs done with the Government Department; which would refuse to acknowledge their existence, if they turn up empty-handed. In fact their empty hands would only get them, vague answers and false promises.

5. Maybe not enough corrupt Bureaucrats are behind the bars, many of them got away as their sins are buried under red-tapes.

Madhu Koda, the ex-Chief Minister of Jharkhand and his cabinet colleagues heading various important Ministries (Hari Narayan Rai, Enos Ekka, Bhanu Pratap Shahi and Kamlesh Singh) are currently being investigated in the disproportionate assets cases by the various government agencies, viz., Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Income-tax (I.T.) authorities, and Enforcement Directorate (E.D.) and all of them are currently lodged in jail.

Rather amusingly, the following starling inferences can be deduced from the above cases of corruption that involves the above named politicians:

  • Only the above named C.M. and Ministers indulged in corruption
  • The Bureaucrats who worked with them and served in their ministries at that time, they did not indulge in corruption.

Those who are aware of the systems and procedures of working of our Government Machinery find the above inferences ridiculous.

Unless the corrupt Bureaucrats are identified and punished as per the laws of our land, it would be very difficult to pull Jharkhand out of abyss.

Team Focus

Team Focus

We are bunch of commoners and our bloggers' e-magazine focuses on the AlterNative Voices from Jharkhand, India.
Team Focus
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Team Focus

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We are bunch of commoners and our bloggers' e-magazine focuses on the AlterNative Voices from Jharkhand, India.


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