5 Reasons Why Jharkhand Did Not Have People’s Mass-movements In The Last Decade?

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In Jharkhand, where corruption and the resultant poor-governance have become a way of life, even the most popular nationwide Anti-Corruption Movement (Anna-Movement) of recent months have failed to attract a sizeable critical mass to threaten the corrupt ways of the Jharkhand’s ruling élite, who are submerged neck-deep into its quagmire.

Here in Jharkhand, the blatant and fearless ways of corrupt people have shamed us all. Amusingly the same people who talk about Sincerity, Honesty, Integrity and Truthfulness in the public life from the roof-top; these people are the biggest culprits when it comes to above mentioned qualities.

But somehow and somewhere, we the common citizens of Jharkhand too have to take the some part of blame on ourselves.

1. We must remember that improvement begins with “I”.

We, the common citizens have knowingly and unknowingly perpetuated, participated and allowed the corrupt people to take over and dominate our lives in almost all spheres of lives. To change, to reduce the level of corruption to manageable and miniscule proportion, if not completely eradicate the devil of corruption from our midst; then we should look within ourselves, fight our own demons of greed and self-interest, to usher in era of change in our state Jharkhand.

But we seem to be too preoccupied to launch this cleansing exercise.

2. Maybe Jharkhandi people who had earlier put all their efforts in after the formation of Jharkhand State are clueless about HOW?

Movement for the creation of separate statehood of Jharkhand has a long and glorious history, but the creation of Jharkhand happened suddenly, without too much thought being put into its development and governance by its local leaders and their followers. Their ultimate goal was the creation of separate state of Jharkhand, but nobody thought of what next should happen in Jharkhand and how to move into the next stage of development.

Besides, now it seems, Jharkhand’s common people seem too exhausted by the first stage of Jharkhand Movement, that the common people do not have the necessary inherent drive to launch the second phase of Jharkhand Movement, a collective revolution to make things right here.

3. Maybe our Jharkhandi Civil Society has yet to throw up a creditable leader, who can tap into popular discontent and channelize it into a movement to usher a positive change.

In fact, the biggest tragedy of Jharkhand was that after the creation of Jharkhand, the people who led the movement, they were sidelined from the mainstream political scene and those who managed to remains in limelight, they lost their credibility because of their greed and self-interests. Besides, the political leaders that Jharkhand got in post 2000 phase, especially those who were pushed into forefront by their respective political parties; all these leaders were well-known back-benchers in Indian Parliament and / or Bihar State assembly. Needless to say, most of these leaders lacked political vision and honesty to carry out the development of Jharkhand and its people.

A decade down the line, Jharkhand still has dearth of political leaders, who could boastfully claim to be honest, visionary, hard-working and capable. Instead we have peculiar scenario in Jharkhand, we have perhaps too many leaders and too few followers; hence the rot continues, while local media continues to play their favorites with the political leaders belonging to all hues.

4. Maybe we have greater instances of paid news or even planted news in Jharkhand, wherein instead of serving the interest of common people, many of the press people are found wanting when it comes to exposing the corrupt and powerful people.

Though all over Jharkhand, we see growing instances of usual protests (Dharna, Pradarshan, Gherao, Hartaal, etc.) by the commoners and the steep rise in armed Naxalism Movement against Government authorities; these occurrences do point towards the ever-growing disenchantment and unrest among the people in general, towards the issue of poor-governance in Jharkhand.

When so many people are angry and disenchanted with the poor-governance in the state; yet we have not seen mass-movement of substance in last 11 years. This is quite unlike the recent mass-movement and protest-rallies in India and other countries. It seems in Jharkhand, the all-powerful mainstream media (though not all) tend to suppress such protest movements by under-reporting them (confine these news-stories to back pages or far away from the headlines); thereby they save the Government from the embarrassments and exposing their failures.

Incidently, Jharkhand Government is the biggest advertiser in the Local Media, both Print and Electronic; so one could understand their linkages.

5. Although it is high-time to put pressure on our State Government Machinery to perform and fulfil the promises made to the people, sadly it can’t really happen in the present scenario

Most of the protest movements against the Government and its various agencies are sporadic, localized in nature, well spread out and thus they have narrow support base to cause any discomfort to the ruling establishment to usher in positive change in the governance.

So we do not see any positive change in Jharkhand, barring few lip-services by those who run the government machinery in the state.

It is time, that right-thinking people of Jharkhand should ponder deep enough to plan and execute the same, to usher in era of positive change.

Team Focus

Team Focus

We are bunch of commoners and our bloggers' e-magazine focuses on the AlterNative Voices from Jharkhand, India.
Team Focus
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Team Focus

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We are bunch of commoners and our bloggers' e-magazine focuses on the AlterNative Voices from Jharkhand, India.


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