5 Questions Addressed To Our Members of Parliament-Rajya Sabha From Jharkhand

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In the past couple of years, those Jharkhandis who have followed the proceedings of Rajya Sabha (R.S.), often wondered why Rajya Sabha M.P.s from Jharkhand fail to authoritatively raise the concern of Jharkhand state and its people in the Rajya Sabha of Parliament.

We decided to look for the answers.

So we looked at the list of our M.P.s who are supposed to represent our state Jharkhand in Rajya Sabha.



Domicile State

1 Shri S.S. Ahluwalia


 Born in West Bengal & Represented Bihar in Parliament
2 Ms. Mabel Rebello


Born in Karnataka & Works in Madhya Pradesh

3 Shri Dheeraj Prasad Sahu



4 Shri Jai Prakash Narayan Singh  BJP  Born in Bihar & now settled in Deoghar, Jharkhand
5 Shri Parimal Nathwani



6 Shri Kanwar Deep Singh



When one looks at the Rajya Sabha members, one does not have to look far for answers. Out of 6 Rajya Sabha-M.P.s, 4 or  5 (depending on how look at the above list) of them do not belong to Jharkhand. To expect these members to work for Jharkhand and its people seems farfetched. They do not have much at stake in Jharkhand. BJP, INC and state level political parties (JMM & AJSU) would do well to explain the absence of Jharkhandi in the above list. Why can’t they find few Jharkhandi candidates who could represent Jharkhand in ‘Council of State’ called ‘Rajya Sabha.’

For long, Jharkhandis have fought long and hard for more than a century to stop the outsiders from using our state as a colony that can be exploited at a will. But even in 21st century, we are witnessing that Jharkhand is currently being used as a back-door entry to get into R.S.

Ironically, the Rajya Sabha is called “Council of State” in our constitution. But it appears that our state has chosen outsiders to serve in the council.

1. Why should people who belong to other state represent Jharkhand and its people in Rajya Sabha (Council of State)?

We are sure that most of Jharkhandi would agree with us that there are far too many deserving candidates in Jharkhand, who could represent interests of Jharkhand and its people much more effectively than these outsiders. The common sense tells us that the Jharkhandi candidates are more likely to do much more for the state compared to the non-Jharkhandi candidates; as at the end of day they have to return back to their home state Jharkhand. At least the local people could meet them and make them aware of their concerns and grievances.

Some of the above named M.P.s – Rajya Sabha very rarely visit Jharkhand, what to talk about their concern about state and its people.

2. Which outside-candidates are thrust onto the Jharkhand by the political bosses of the national level political parties.

Time and again, we have heard in the past that Jharkhand has been used as an imperial colony by the exploiters who belong / come from outside to exploit the resources of the state to meet their own personal end. Even after the creation of separate state, these exploitative forces could not be stopped. Even big national political parties like BJP and INC cannot find any suitable Rajya Sabha candidate from Jharkhand.

These national parties take advantage of the ambiguity in rules and regulations in the election of Rajya Sabha members, to thrust outsiders on the people of the state.

3. Which outside-candidates are cherry-picked by the state level Jharkhandi political parties to represent the state.

The wrong tradition established by the national level political party is taken a step further by the smaller state level Jharkhandi parties. During the last couple of Rajya Sabha elections, the local grapevine and even some local media subtly suggested that the some of the Jharkhandi political parties are looking for prospective candidates with deep pockets. It was said that these rich candidates after getting elected would assist in smooth flow-in of investment into the state and help develop its basic infrastructure, like health-care, setting up of industry, etc.

The common Jharkhandis are still waiting for the fulfilment of those promises, made by the tall leaders of the state level political parties.

4. Why the electorates (our M.L.A.s) think that the candidates with very deep pockets can better serve Jharkhandi people?

We do not live in the era of “Daanveer Raja Karn” nor are our industrialists known for their philantrophical ways, barring handful of exceptions perhaps. In 21st century we live in the free-market economy governed by capitalism, the socialism is long-forgotten.

In such a scenario, giving rich candidates a back-door entry to Rajya Sabha via Jharkhand Assembly is certainly a fraud perpetuated by our M.L.A.s (mind you not all but only those who help such people win) against the common Jharkhandi people.

But what can we do, except to talk or write about these issues.

5. What are the motivating factors of the electorates (our M.L.A.s) who cast their votes in favour of these outsider-candidates?

According to the Sting report carried out last year by the popular T.V. news-channel, some of the M.L.A.s of Jharkhand Vidhan Sabha were caught in the camera talking and discussing freely about their prices of the vote in the Rajya Sabha election. The investigations into the said incidents are being carried out by the State Vigilance Bureau; which was termed “Vote-for-Cash” Scam by the local media.

Whether this vigilance enquiry would reach its logical conclusion, only the time would tell us that.

Meanwhile, another round of Rajya Sabha election in Jharkhand is due to take place in few months from now.

But anything will change for good in Jharkhand that is the big question.

Team Focus

Team Focus

We are bunch of commoners and our bloggers' e-magazine focuses on the AlterNative Voices from Jharkhand, India.
Team Focus
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Team Focus

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We are bunch of commoners and our bloggers' e-magazine focuses on the AlterNative Voices from Jharkhand, India.


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