5 Corruptions Issues That Hurt Jharkhand & Jharkhandis The Most

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Last year, when Team Anna’s anti-corruption movement was in full flow in Delhi; we wondered aloud whether Team Anna could / would / should visit our state to launch the state-wide popular anti-corruption movement.

1. Corruption Instances In Mines and Minerals

Jharkhand is home to incredible range of minerals, the list of minerals with their ranking in the country within bracket are, viz., Iron ore (1st), Coal (3rd), Copper Ore (1st), Mica (1st), Bauxite (3rd), Manganese, Limestone, China Clay, Fire Clay, Graphite (8th), Kainite (1st), Chromites (2nd), Asbestos (1st), Thorium (3rd), Sillimanite, Uranium (1st), Gold (6th), Silver, etc. In short, Jharkhand contains 40% of India’s mineral reserves.

But large scale illegal mining and other corrupt practices in mining of our precious minerals; more so in the cases of the mining of Iron ore and Coal, the wide-spread corruptions have cheated the Government Authorities of the rightful exchequers earned through payment of royalty on the mining of the same by the legal miners.

2. High Level Of Corruption Instances In Land Grabbing Cases

Gandhi Ji stated that India lives in its villages; same is true for Jharkhand, where almost 80% of its people are farmers and most of them live in the rural hinterland. But after the creation of Jharkhand State, we have seen very large instances of land-grabbing in almost all parts of the state. But the instances of land grabbing are higher in the urabn areas, where influx of population from neighbouring / other states is on higher side.

Deoghar Land Sacm is currently being investigated by CBI, similarly the Government should initiate similar scams in Ranchi, Giridih, Dumka, etc. It has been alleged that in such land scams, right from Peons / Clerks / Officials of State Government Departments to the Businesspeople to the Powerful Politicians are involved.

The large scale land grabbing goes on unabated in Jharkhand, this is despite the transfer of land is restricted because of the Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act (CNT) and Santhal Pargana Tenancy Act (SPT), even though many areas of state come under Fifth Schedule and the provisions / bodies like Panchayats Extension To Schedule Areas (PESA) Act and Tribal Advisory Council (TAC) are there to protect the lands of local population.

3. Corruption In The Usual Sarkari Work and the Welfare Schemes

For the benefit of our readers, we have divided the State Government Departments into the following sub-groups:




1 Agriculture, Forestry & Allied Services Agriculture & Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Dairy, Fisheries, Co-operation, Water-resources, Forestry; Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana, National Horticulture Mission, Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Vidyutikaran Yojana, Sarva Siksha Abhiyan, Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya, Integrated Child & Development Schemes, Sarna jayanti Sahari Rojgar Yojana, Swarn Jayanti Gramin Rojgar Yojana, Rashtriya Sam Vikas Yojana, Gram Swalambi Yojana, Jawahar Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission, MGNREGA, etc.
2 Industry Industry, Mines & Geology, Information technology, Tourism;
3 Infrastructure Energy, Railways, Civil Aviation, Roads & Bridges, Water Supply & Sanitation, Urban Development, Rural Development;
4 Social Welfare Education, Health & family Welfare, Social Welfare, Human Securities, Sports & Youth Affairs.

If one has to take a close look at the way the various departments of our State Government works on the above mentioned schemes and usual works, then it would be really difficult to pick out the State Government department that can loudly and proudly proclaim that they are not corrupt.

4. Mis-utilization Or Underutilization Of Sarkari Development Funds For Infrastructure Facilities

The demand for Power in Jharkhand is in excess of 1000 MW; whereas its regular supply is met by Patratu Thermal Power Station (P.T.P.S.–100 MW), Tenughat Vidyut Nigam Limited (T.V.N.L.-200 MW), Damodar valley Corporation (D.V.C.-400 MW) and rest is met by the central allocation. Consequently, our state continually suffers from the crisis of power-shortage. Even the long overdue unbundling and restructuring of Jharkhand State Electricity Board (J.S.E.B.) has not been done, as government inexplicably drags its feet on this issue; while other states have done commendable job in the restructuring of their electricity board.

The State Highways, Major District Roads and other roads are constructed and maintained by State Government’s Road Construction Department. Travelling on the roads of our state is bumpy to say the least; the visiting dignitaries from outside, CAG Reports and even our Jharkhand High Court has time-and-again asked the government authorities to improve the quality of roads. Similar stories get repeated in the development of other infrastructural facilities in Jharkhand.

5. Unholy Nexus Of Politicians-Businesspersons-Bureaucrats-Media-persons Emerges

Jharkhand and Jharkhandis are passing through a difficult phase, but this tough-phase gets compounded as we find that the same set of people with doubtful credentials continue to hold reins of power, either directly or indirectly. They use their nexus to hold on to power somehow, grant undue favours, look after each other’s interests (both personal & professional), and make some money in the process.

One only needs to checkout few of the local news-papers and watch the local Television News Channels, try to peek behind the scene, to connect the dots. You would also wonder as to,

  • Why only few Political names are painted as villains, while names of many other Dirty Politicians are not mentioned at all in local media?
  • Why some business-people (whose rise is questionable) with their ill-gotten money hog all the media limelight by sponsoring events?
  • Why in the Scam Cases involving Koda and his cabinet colleagues, the Bureaucrats have been given a clean chit?

We believe that as long as reins of power remain in the hands of corrupt people, there is very little hope for Jharkhand and its people.

It is time to think about the issues that we have raised here.

Team Focus

Team Focus

We are bunch of commoners and our bloggers' e-magazine focuses on the AlterNative Voices from Jharkhand, India.
Team Focus
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Team Focus

Written by

We are bunch of commoners and our bloggers' e-magazine focuses on the AlterNative Voices from Jharkhand, India.


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  1. Ajit Kongari says:

    Your article exposing your honesty, sincerity and concern for the Jharkhandis.I wish all Jharkahndis thought the same.The non-tribal jharkahndis should not look at tribal brothers as their enemies.it will be in their own interest to support the genuine greivances of the tribals.Tribals are not a threat to non tribal jharkhandis.The non tribal Jharkhandis should also get reservation or preference.The general category in all spheres should be set aside for the non tribal jharkhandis.Unity and understanding between tribals and non tribals of jhrkhand is the need of the hour.

  2. Bengali Brahmin says:

    Jharkhandis are only themselves to be blamed for this pathetic condition of Jharkhand.If you are not strong enough to defend your house anybody can break in and steal your valuable possessions or plunder your house to ruins.That’s exactly what has happened to the Jharkhandis.

    Jharkhandis as a whole society never understood the importance of higher education and remained content with only ITI or Polytechnic and sought after petty jobs in Railways or other industrial companies in and around our state.We never pursued higher education in Engineering , Management and Science which could have given us much exposure to the outside world and we could have used this expertise,skill and scientific knowledge to bring an evolution towards creating a completely developed society in all aspects of life.

    Only a small percent of Jharkhandis born and brought up in cities like Ranchi and Jamshedpur understood the importance of this ladder of education which brought them out of the dark well of misery,poverty and sufferings.But rest are still happy with being the foot soldiers of the politicians, Coal-Mafia or the Maoists ,whose only motive is to graze this greenest pasture of India to fulfill their vested interests .In fact most of the Jharkhandis would back stab their own people when it comes to take an important decision in the time of elections.This was manifested in the Ranchi university student council elections and the recently concluded Panchayat Elections.

    Just look at the list of people who won from the non-reserved categories of Zila Parishad in Jamsdedpur and you would be astonished to find out that most of them are non-Jharkhandis.It does not mean that all these Zila parishad constituencies do not have a substantial population of Tribal and other Jharkhandi communities.But once their stomach is full of Mutton/chicken and Handiya/Mahua,they would forget the importance of power of their thumb .All Jharkhandis who had contested elections from general seats lost the elections and people who do not even understand the local tribal languages but did have money power won the Zila Parishad elections.

    If the seats for ‘Mukhiya’ had not been reserved for STs ,even there we could have witnessed the clean sweep by non-Jharkhandis .If this is the mindset of our fellow Jharkhandis , then nobody can save this land of the most beautiful forests and rivers which is endowed with all the natural resources from being plundered by people with vested interests.

    Apart from the importance of education ,we have also failed to understand the importance of the powerful role played by Media to protect and promote the interests of our Jharkhandi society.We read and follow the opinions of so many newspapers of Jharkhand but barely do we understand that most of them are being edited and published by non-Jharkhandis who have nothing to do with the development of Jharkhandis and they run these media houses like any other business house.Therefore we would hardly come across articles in leading newspapers of Jharkhand which talk about protecting and preserving the rights of tribals.

    No newspaper disseminates the detailed information about the rights given to tribals and other indigenous communities under 5th and 6th schedule of the constitution.No newspaper is concerned about the demographic changes taking place due to large scale migration of non-Jharkhandis which is likely to delimit the seats reserved for STs and SCs .But most of them would propagate this message that tribals constitute only 27% of the population of Jharkhand as it was evident when there was large scale agitation over the domicile issue after the creation of Jharkhand .

    In fact during those years of turmoil in our state,most of the print media of Jharkhand tried to dissociate the non-tribal native Jharkhandis from the native tribal population and played in the hands of people with vested interests.

    Therefore its high time Jharkhandis should realize that education is such an important instrument which can lead us to important positions in different spheres of our democratic system like executive, legislative, judiciary , bureaucracy and media which could be used to not only address our grievances but also to eradicate all problems which are responsible for our backwardness .We must know that nobody else will come with a magic wand and remove all our problems and sufferings in a moment.Every Jharkhandi must take a leadership role in at least one of the four pillars of democracy ,only then can we protect and promote our interests.

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